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Beautiful Butterfly: National Poetry Month

Beautiful Butterfly
By B.Lyte

Beautiful butterfly come out of your cocoon
Spread your wings and fly to the moon
The possibilities are endless this universe is infinite
Emerge from the shadows and be magnificent

Negative energy ain’t a friend to me
Love, Lyte, Peace & Positivity
I have no enemies but lyfe ain’t always good
And I don’t pretend it to be

My body is a vessel so I am conscious of what I let enter me
Mentally I’m not where I want to be
But one step is progress so no stress
Get back in the gym more reps
Work hard then rest

Give respect to myself
Prioritize my mental health
Silence my ego and ask for help
Don’t accept the cards I was dealt
To succeed I will fail

I will grow, I will tell the youth all you must do
Is believe in yourself

My chosen name is B.Lyte. I do not like labels, but I understand how they can make things easier to understand. If I must label myself, I would say I am a spiritual activist who navigates this lyfe as a poet & lyricist.

I am Founder & President of Power 2 The Poetry. A spoken word organization and movement. Promoting freedom of expression and social equity. Providing a platform for all voices in our community. Raising cultural, political, and personal awareness. Addressing topics which cultivate crucial and courageous conversations: mental health, radical self love, and social justice. Empowering audiences to engage in dialogue and creative action. We are all “Warriors Of Lyte” on a mission to express, expose, and ignite!

Underserved communities constantly deal with inequities such as oppression, discrimination, racism, and prejudice. This is unacceptable! Power 2 The Poetry helps eliminate these disparities by creating opportunities for positive change while inspiring others to do the same.

As edutainers (educators and entertainers), we are a megaphone for those in the community who choose to use their voices as a catalyst for positive change.

My birth name is Bethany Montgomery, and I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington where I still reside. 253! LOOP City!

I am an Eastern Washington University (EWU) alumna. I attended EWU on a full athletic scholarship for basketball. Undergoing heart surgery in June 2016 cut my hoop dreams short and forced me to retire from the game I loved. I persevered and earned a Bachelor’s degree (Marketing) in 3 years and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 1 year.

Now that I have completed my formal education, I am pursuing my passions of poetry, music and equity. I envisioned the concept of Power 2 The Poetry while driving back to EWU from LOOP City after Thanksgiving 2017. I’ve always been a writer and used poetry as a way to express myself. I believe everyone is capable of living their dreams and doing what they love. Power 2 The Poetry is an extension of my heart and soul. My lyfe’s purpose is to eliminate all the darkness in the world by spreading love & lyte through the power of the spoken word.

Infinite Gratitude. Love & Lyte to you and yours.

– B.Lyte

Join me on this joy filled journey. I would love for you to follow me online:

Instagram: @power2thepoetry & @b.lyte222

Facebook: Power The Poetry & B.Lyte222

Website: https://power2thepoetry.com & https://b.lyte.love


Welcome to LOOP City
By B.Lyte of Power 2 The Poetry

Watch the LOOP City Anthem here.

Welcome to LOOP City
A United Community
Promoting service and unity
Producing the change that we seek

Bringing equity, equality, diversity & inclusion
Now that’s what we call Diversequalution
If you ain’t in the LOOP
Then what are you doing

We are a tasks force
Who deliver on what the people ask for
Erasing disparities
Engaging in charity
Sparking conversations

Creating opportunities
Uplifting our communities

Identifying unmet needs
And fulfilling the gaps
Improving policies and practices
Benefiting the masses

Building Trust
Building our people up

Ensuring voices are heard
Offering a cure
Solutions to problems
We are here to solve them

Committed to the vision
Pierce County we winning
Going with the momentum
Until Diversequalution is real for every citizen

So are we ready to WORK
Then let’s get it in
Welcome to LOOP City
2022 we ready
– B.Lyte

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