The Organizational Structures group focuses on the institutions themselves, their governance, and how they operate. They assist organizations to become more responsive and responsible to the communities they serve by guiding them through the restructuring of operational policies: setting the new standard of professionalism and inter-agency integration.

They train the staff to recognize and eliminate micro-aggressive behaviors while supporting major systems and providers using a common assessment to compare policies, best practices, and resource allocation for racial equity.

  • Policy. Identifying and addressing the gaps in policy within service organizations.
  • DEI. Bringing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the forming policies of all service organizations.
  • Best Practices. Rebranding professionalism and interagency integration.

Current Initiatives

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This is a 4-part summit focusing on the 4 P’s of an organization through an equitable lens. The 4 P’s stand for People, Practice, Policy and Practice.

  • People session represents the culture of an organization. We will be sharing the importance of organizational culture with the people in the center. There will be a resource center with tools to take back to your organization and use to go beyond checking the box. We will share the importance of having courageous conversations and how to engage your team.
  • Practice session will be sharing how to put DEAI in the center of an organizations daily processes. How to inspire leadership to be intentional about creating an inclusive environment, as well as recruitment best practices in recruiting and retaining more diverse workforce.
  • Policy session will address looking at current policy and procedures to ensure your organization has equitable and inclusive practices. It’s oftentimes a step that gets overlooked and is crucial to attracting and keeping a diverse talent pool.
  • Promotion session will be highlighting organizations that are in process of placing DEAI in their current practices. Your organization could be at the beginning phase or a front runner in this work, the point is, to start somewhere in achieving change.

Deep-dive into created resources (Lexicon, Resource Guide, Organizational Assessment) and creation of additional needed resources (Onboarding forms, Inclusive Meeting Models, Focus Group Structures)

Through this initiative we will first focus on the already created resources withing the OS group. We will be helping the OS members learn how to utilize the resources so they can use them within their own organizations as well as share with others. We will be looking at where the gaps in current resources as well as working to create additional resources to benefit the process of DEI work within organizations. To do this, we will have a subcommittee withing the OS group to help access, create and implement these additional resources.

We will be working to put in processes to onboard new and existing members of the OS group. Leadership will be reaching out to each existing member to create a meaningful connection as well as learn the existing talents within our group. We will be creating an onboarding process to ensure that we, as the OS group, follow practices; we suggest other organizations follow (leading by example). Through this process, we will identify potential leadership for succussing, expertise for upcoming projects and committees, and resources for the Taskforce as a whole. Withing Included in the onboarding process, we also want to create a mentorship program, partnering new members to existing members to ensure a positive experience and immediate connection to others in the group. We will put together a specific workgroup that will focus on this process and membership growth for not only the OS group but also the Taskforce.

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Committee Leadership

20190626-COC-headshots-AmandaHowse-0002 copy

Karissa Thompson

Community Engagement Officer, Red Canoe Credit Union

Spokesperson (The Voice)

Our spokesperson is the designated role for hosting our monthly group meetings, group leadership meetings, presenting monthly task force reports, and other situational moments where a host is needed. If the group decides to have rotating hosts, it is the Spokesperson’s responsibility to schedule the rotation and will be first back-up.

Open position

Planning Coordinator (The Guide)

Our administrator role creates, manages, and distributes the monthly agendas for our task force report, group meeting, and leadership meeting. They also schedule and send invites for the monthly group meeting and leadership meeting.

Dr. Cindy Caldwell

ED of DEI Management, Certified Diversity Professional

Membership Coordinator (The Welcome)

As Membership Coordinator, this role manages the members within the group, our contact list, the assigned roles, and conducts new member onboarding and engagement. This role also tracks available roles for leadership and sub-working groups.

Sarah Dryfoos headshot

Sarah Dryfoos

Health Equity & Outreach Program Manager, MultiCare Health Systems and Co-founder, Community Centered Solutions LLC

Strategy & Data Analysis (The Mover)

Our strategy role manages and updates the mission critical documents for the group (group descriptions & overview, mission/vision, and yearly outlook, data analysis). They also support our initiatives by creating and helping maintain action plans, timelines, and accountability. This role also helps with research as needed. 

Organizational Structures group co-leads are also represented in the PCCETF Leadership group.

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