Outreach & Engagement Committee

The Outreach and Engagement Committee focuses on championing equitable and integrated service delivery models and assisting organizations and community members in becoming aware of the PCCETF and services available.

This work will lead to a shift in the methodology of service delivery and redevelopment of best practices with an anti-racist lens through continuous community outreach and engagement. We are committed to providing information and resources collaboratively with the community, service providers, and employers. We strive to regain the confidence of the community by raising the bar in how the partners in PCCETF deliver services—especially within communities we have historically underserved.

We recognize the importance of working together with our trusted partners, organizations, communities, and allies to identify engagement strategies that seek to be equitable, inclusive, dynamic, adaptive, and responsive to community needs and circumstances. The Outreach and Engagement Group is focused on advocacy of best practices, resource availability, and connection possibilities for the PCCETF and, more importantly, the communities within Pierce County.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are the way we move our initiatives forward and connect with each other as a Task Force. Check below for our next meeting, and contact the Organizer for an invitation.

Marketing & Branding. Bringing together all of the service provider organizations into one fully unified group to better help the community

Data Collection. Gathering real-life data and facts to fuel needed changes to our service delivery system.

Community Connection. Reconnecting with the community to regain their trust in the service delivery system.

Committee Initiatives

Learn more about the work we are doing as a committee.

Quarterly Community Events

The Outreach subgroup will essentially manage and organize quarterly community events and initiatives that promote community resources and wellness by identifying general community needs as well as the ability to identify services that are necessary for underserved populations. We will monitor the implementation of community events and assess progress to determine changes in the structure and focus of the event.

Universal Intake System

The universal enrollment/referral process will create a method to enable ease of enrollment into multiple organizations/services for clients to have equitable access to a multitude of services, training, education, and employment opportunities. (One story, one place, multiple responses). There are tools and platforms out there, the preference would be to work within platforms that already exist and partners that currently collaborate on multiple levels.

Reinforcing the Breakdown of Diversequalusion

Follow up with organizations which have chosen to start a DEI journey using the PCCETF DEAI Welcome kits will help inform all our community engagement efforts. We will support and intentionally work to build relationships with organizations and leaders representing communities and populations facing disparities.

Committee Leadership

Outreach & Engagement Committee co-leads are also represented in the PCCETF Leadership committee. Select the dropdown next to each title to learn more about the role.

Spokesperson (The Voice)

Our spokesperson is the designated role for hosting our monthly group meetings, group leadership meetings, presenting monthly task force reports, and other situational moments where a host is needed. If the group decides to have rotating hosts, it is the Spokesperson’s responsibility to schedule the rotation and will be first back-up.

Kelly Blucher

Manager of Community Engagement & Outreach, Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Regions

Engagement Coordinator (The Welcome)

Our membership role manages the members within the group, our contact list, the assigned roles, and conducts new member onboarding and engagement. This role also tracks available roles for leadership and sub-working groups.

Tim Jumper

Manager of Community Engagement, Sound Outreach

Strategy & Data Analysis (The Mover)

Our strategy role manages and updates the mission-critical documents for the group (group descriptions & overview, mission/vision, and yearly outlook, data analysis). They also support our initiatives by creating and helping maintain action plans, timelines, and accountability. This role also helps with research as needed.

Julie Baxter

Engaged Community Member

Planning Coordinator (The Guide)

Our administrator role creates, manages, and distributes the monthly agendas for our task force report, group meeting, and leadership meeting. They also schedule and send invites for the monthly group meeting and leadership meeting.

Courtney Acoff

Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist, Metro Parks Tacoma

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