/ / September Task Force Update

September Task Force Update

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force is making many new and exciting changes that will help us collaborate, grow, and continue to bring economic mobility to individuals and families in Pierce County. Our main meetings will now be held every other month to provide more time to focus on our initiatives. However, we will always have spaces for conversations. Our upcoming email newsletter will provide information on future meetings, events, and more so we can all stay connected.

We are also excited to introduce our Initiative Committees. We are holding monthly meetings based on our initiatives: Collaboration for a Cause, Lens of Equity, and the Speaker’s Bureau. Our new format will provide more time to work on our initiatives and continue to grow as a Task Force. In addition to these initiatives, we also have our series The Corner, which highlights our partners and their work in the community. This series, along with our committees, will help launch us into additional workshops and conversations within the Task Force.

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