Task Force Meetings

Attending our bi-monthly Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meeting is the best way to learn more about us and our initiatives. To find out where the next meeting is being held, please contact us and request an invite!

What to expect

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meets on a regular basis to move forward with Task Force objectives, host educational speakers, and connect community organizations.

Bi-Monthly Task Force Meetings

All members of the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meet together every other month, on the first Wednesday of the month. At these meetings, we share announcements about the task force and report outs on the progress of different projects that are carried out by the committees.

Each Task Force Meeting will also feature a special speaker who shares information on local initiatives, local service organizations, educational material for service providers, and more.

At the end of each meeting, attendees break out into their committees to get information on their next Committee Meeting and special updates for their committee. Members who do not have a committee are encouraged to stay in the Lobby and learn more about the Task Force.

Request an Invite

To find where the next meeting will be held, please contact us for a personal invitation.