About You

Collaboration, Connection, Growth

The Task Force is made up of individuals who come together to connect, learn, and network to serve our community. We are constantly working to raise awareness of Pierce County’s economic challenges and needs.

With a strong commitment to rebuilding trust and creating a strong foundation, the Task Force provides a chance to elevate the voices and experiences of our most marginalized communities. Together, we demonstrate our community’s efforts to effect real change.

The Task Force is unlike any group I have been a part of. We are resilient, we learn together, we share together, and we grow together as individuals and as a single unit. The Task Force brings unity to the community. We bring hope, resources, and empowerment to the people in our communities that are most vulnerable and underrepresented. We all have one common goal: to change lives, one person at a time.

Yvette Wilson Puget Sound Educational Service District


By organizing into committees, the Task Force provides opportunities for members to collaborate with like-minded people while creating change in Pierce County. Committee initiatives bring much-needed resources and opportunities to our neighbors who need them most. Committee meetings give information while emphasizing inclusivity and raising awareness of the issues that our communities face. Our discussions allow each member to share their unique knowledge, views, and life experience. It is a collective endeavor aimed at bringing about meaningful change. Being a part of the Task Force provides a unique opportunity to engage with other service-minded leaders in our community.

Being around and interacting with other professionals sharpens my skills and gives feedback and perspective I may have never gotten without these interactions. Being involved with the Task Force has been a rich learning opportunity and has brought the opportunity to sit at some amazing tables.

Michael Jordan Consultant


Through the Task Force, our members have found meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. We are all here to succeed and help each other improve. By creating meaningful connections, we have a bigger influence on our community than we could on our own. It takes a community to move ideas ahead and help others in an impactful way, and the Task Force aims to do just that.

Personally, the Task Force has provided a safe space for me to learn and express my true feelings. It has helped me grow my confidence. I had a voice, but PCCETF has helped me find the volume. I can speak loud and clear knowing that my voice matters.

Delia Flores Metro Parks


The Task Force creates opportunities for members to connect with other community leaders to help them grow both personally and professionally. Through presentations, breakout sessions, and community initiatives, individuals across different sectors of our community learn from each other promoting mentorship, curiosity, accountability, and continuous growth. Opportunities for professional development are abundant here. Many of our members have found mentors by being a part of the Task Force, as we are committed to supporting each other and your journey in helping our shared community.

The Task Force has been like a family to me. I have been able to meet so many people who truly care for and uplift me. I truly enjoy working in the Task Force… it fills my soul.

Amanda Walkingstick Community Member

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force is where you come to serve the community in an impactful way. Gaining lifelong friendships and meaningful connections by supporting causes you care about empowers you to come as yourself, making the Task Force a place to call home. If you have drive, vision, and a personal commitment to seeing communities in Pierce County thrive, we want you here with us.

All in all, we’re here to make Pierce County a better place. We are excited to welcome you to the team.