Leadership Committee

Strategic Development. Collaboration. Systems Alignment.

The Leadership Committee collaboratively promotes available services, especially to historically underserved communities. It also identifies unmet needs and coordinates Task Force members’ outreach efforts to fill gaps.

The committee was strategically built from community voice, by community voice, and for community voice. It is not a governing body; there are no positions or titles. The Leadership Committee provides an opportunity to come together as a strategic unit to brainstorm, find solutions, and push other initiatives forward using the help of committee members and outside partners.

The Leadership Committee is guided by Workforce Central Oversight, which provides strategic and tactical direction to the Task Force and effectively align for greater leveraging of resources. Together, the Leadership Committee and Workforce Central Oversight focuses on engagement, outreach, and connection to Pierce County communities to effectively accomplish its objectives and mission in fostering the economic mobility of Pierce County individuals and families.

We believe community engagement embodies the principles that respect all community members’ rights. By rebuilding trust in communities and networks alike, we are committed to become one, all while removing the implicit bias surrounding community engagement. We are focused on building a foundation that will continue to sustain the trust and vision given to these communities while disrupting the status quo that is no longer serving our clients and citizens to its full potential.

WorkForce Central Oversight

Committee Strategist

Samuel Bradshaw

Business Solutions Manager, WorkForce Central

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Samuel Bradshaw is the Business Solutions Manager for WorkForce Central, and a proud member of the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force leadership team. He has over 12 years of business consulting experience working with companies of all sizes, ranging from 4 to 5 employees to Fortune 500 organizations. Samuel is a Certified Diversity Consultant and a Windmills Certified instructor who can facilitate organizations to better work with individuals who are differently-abled.

Brand Strategist

Julianna Flanders

Creative Strategies Manager, Communications, WorkForce Central

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Julianna Flanders serves as Creative Strategies Manager in the Communications Department at WorkForce Central, where she designs brand identity and assets for a wide variety of workforce programs in Pierce County. She has over eight years of experience in branding, web and graphic design, and marketing. Born and raised in Pierce County, Julianna is passionate about increasing awareness and access to vital programs and services in her community.


Tamar Jackson

Senior Director of Community Engagement, WorkForce Central

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Tamar Jackson, Senior Director of Community Engagement for WorkForce Central, is the leader of the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force, an initiative powered by WorkForce Central. He was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, which spurs his passion to make Tacoma the best place to live. Tamar focuses on highlighting community voices to achieve common goals and addressing challenges that may arise from workplace diversity, conflicting viewpoints, and workplace fairness.

Marketing Strategist

Joanna Rasmussen

Director of Communications, WorkForce Central

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Joanna Rasmussen serves as the Director of Communications for WorkForce Central. She has more than 15 years of experience in communications and marketing with an emphasis on outreach to the community. Raised in Pierce County, Joanna is passionate about serving the Pierce County community and promoting programs that aid individuals and families to rise out of poverty and flourish in their careers and lives.


Chloe Wilhelm

Program Assistant, WorkForce Central

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Chloe Wilhelm serves as a Program Assistant for WorkForce Central, where she assists in the coordination of daily operations for program activities relating to workforce services and initiatives. As a proud member of the Task Force, she co-leads the Lens of Equity Committee and has a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion (DEAI) work. She is passionate about serving her community and helping foster the economic mobility of individuals and families in Pierce County.


Shellie Willis

Senior Director of Collective Impact, WorkForce Central

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Shellie D. Willis is a U.S. Army Veteran and is the Senior Director of Collective Impact at WorkForce Central. Shellie leads military initiatives in Pierce County and assists in designing, facilitating, and leading workforce system initiatives locally and regionally. Shellie holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management.

Strategic Leadership Team

Courtney Acoff

District Representative, Office of Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-6)

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Courtney Acoff currently serves as the Pierce County District Representative for Congressman Derek Kilmer’s Office (WA-6). As a Certified Diversity Consultant, her focus is to acknowledge the intersectionality of life, along with the complexity those intersections bring to community and service organizations. Courtney also serves on the board as a Commissioner to the Human Rights Commission for the City of Tacoma, an At-Large Trustee to the University of Washington Alumni Association, and is an active member on the UWT Alumni Council.

Julie Baxter

Engaged Community Member

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Julie Baxter is part of the Task Force as an independent contributor who aims to represent the communities of Pierce County that often do not have a voice in decision-making spaces. They are a dedicated practitioner of socially just community development, equitable systems change, and empathetic leadership. Julie often spans existing boundaries and occupies liminal, transitional spaces to provide clarity, connection, translation, and alignment in the pursuit of a just and equitable society.

Kelly Brickhouse

Community Engagement & Outreach Coordinator, WorkForce Central

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Kelly Blucher is passionate about her community having experienced many of the same issues such as homelessness, poverty, addiction, and such as many we serve. A fierce advocate for policy change, she has spoken at Federal, State, and local levels to ensure that laws and policies apply to those living in poverty. Kelly’s leadership in Collaboration for a Cause and Hire 253 has served over 6,000 individuals and families in Pierce County through her enormous outreach efforts to those often underserved.

Delia Flores

Community Outreach & Engagement Supervisor, Metro Parks Tacoma

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Delia Flores has worked in the field of Recreation and Leisure Services for over 15 years serving diverse communities. As a Certified Diversity Consultant, Delia has an insightful understanding of social justice and intersectionality both in an academic context and through her lived experiences. She serves as an ambassador and advocates DEAI to internal and external stakeholders. Delia is an ethical and strategic leader with a deep commitment to DEAI work. Mrs. Flores is an adviser and promoter for institutional and cultural shifts throughout the organization.

Tim Jumper

Manager of Community Engagement, Sound Outreach

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Tim Jumper is the Manager of Community Engagement at Sound Outreach. He is a Tacoma, WA transplant with a BS in Business Administration and 10+ years of experience in Workforce Development. His area of expertise is in developing family stability initiatives for diverse and underserved communities. He is a Certified Diversity Practitioner, and he possesses executive-level experience in identifying, establishing, and managing strategic partnerships. His volunteer work and personal passions also find him strategically working with like-minded individuals to strengthen local communities.

Gerrit Nyland

Social Services Supervisor, Pierce County Human Services

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Gerrit Nyland is a Social Services Supervisor with Pierce County Human Services, is active with the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness, is a member of the Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition, co-chairs the City of Tacoma Transportation Commission, is a board member with Communities in Schools Tacoma, and is a board member with the Northwest Furniture Bank. Most of his work focuses on improving homeless programs so we more effectively serve our neighbors in need.

Krista Perez

Owner & Lead Consultant, Perez Consulting and President & Founder, Tacoma Women of Color Collective

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Krista Perez’s work is anchored by anti-racist, equitable, and community-centered engagement. Krista is the president and founder of the nonprofit organization, the Tacoma Women of Color Collective, co-founder of The Community Market, a People of Color-centered market, and Perez Consulting, an equity and inclusion-based consulting business.

Karissa Thompson

Karissa Thompson

Community Engagement Officer, Red Canoe Credit Union

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As a Community Engagement Officer for Red Canoe Credit Union, Karissa spends her time and focus on building community and finding ways to inspire healthy culture through a lens of equity and inclusion for all.

Yvette Wilson

Director of Career Services, UEI College

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Yvette Wilson is the Director of Career Services at UEI College. She has 20 years of comprehensive experience in post-secondary education and workforce development. She has a passion for education, being a part of the community, and making a difference in the lives of the BIPOC, marginalized, unrepresented, and Hispanic populations.