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What started in 2020 as a distribution event to serve communities struggling during the pandemic, has grown into a large-scale collaborative event that connects people to resources and services to find stability and quality employment. We’ve spent the last year listening to the community and fine-tuning the event to be what they want and need it to be. Held quarterly in different communities in Pierce County, no two Collaboration for a Cause events are the same. Each one is catered to the identified needs of that community.

Since 2022, the event has served over 675 individuals and families and made over 2,092 referrals to partners.

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Resources Available at Each Event


Employers ready to hire now

Education & Training

Tools to start a new job or career

Young Adult

Resources just for young adults


Resources for personal health

Basic Needs

Supportive resources for daily living

Visit the individual event page for the next Collaboration for a Cause for more details on available opportunities and resources.

What to Expect When Attending

Collaboration for a Cause events are held quarterly, generally outdoors, in locations throughout Pierce County. When arriving at the event, look for the “Entrance” sign. There you will receive a wristband with a number on it. You will fill out a registration form and receive a road map. Put your number on each and turn in the registration form. There is also an option above to pre-register for the event and even those who cannot attend in person are encourage to register so they can still be connected with services.

Pre-registration is now available! You can now skip the line and pre-register for our next Collaboration for a Cause event. Click here to pre-register.

With your road map in hand, you can visit the various booths to explore the unique services and resources available to you. Booths will be organized into sections based on the type of services they provide including Employment, Education & Training, Young Adult, Health, and Basic Needs.

Once you have visited all the booths you are interested in, mark on your road map which organizations you’d like to connect further with and turn it into the administrative booth at the exit (there will be an exit flag.) We will match your referral requests with our partners through the registration form and providers will reach out to you in the coming week.

Can’t attend the event, but still want to connect to resources and opportunities? Fill out the Pre-Registration Form and complete the Self-Referral section at the bottom of the form.

Some organizations you’ll be able to connect with

Visit the individual event page for the next Collaboration for a Cause for a complete list of partners available at that event.

How Can I Help?

If you or your organization is interested in volunteering or participating as a part of our next Collaboration for a Cause event, please fill out our Volunteer & Participating Organization Interest form.