Ep 3: Valeo Vocation

/ / Ep 3: Valeo Vocation

Norman Brickhouse

Director of Mission Services


(253) 301-2134


Valeo Vocation is an alternative staffing organization, providing employment services that are designed to transition homeless, low-income participants, and COVID-19 dislocated workers, into living-wage careers.

With their primary focus on stability, Valeo’s staffing model provides quick access to survival employment so participants can begin reducing their employment barriers and gaining valuable skills. As participants earn a wage as Valeo employees, they are simultaneously working with employment navigators to complete career assessments, identify additional training needs for their desired career path, and ultimately attaining employment with a living-wage. Life skills classes and a custodial training program provide additional resources internally at Valeo Vocation while warm handoff to community partners for additional services increases a client’s success rate with employment.

To learn more about Valeo Vocation and their programs for high-barrier jobseekers, connect with Norman.

Posted on August 12, 2021