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Amanda Walkingstick

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From age fourteen to twenty Amanda Walkingstick navigated the dangers of living life on the streets. Homelessness was not the ideal option but provided the only safety she could find. Broken and worn down, Amanda and her dog were taken off the streets and adopted by a pair of sisters. With their love and guidance, Amanda slowly began to change into the person she always knew she could be.

Today Amanda is married with two kids and the same dog that got her through the most trying times of her life. Pursuing a burning desire to help others like her, Amanda went back to school and completed her High School education. She is currently pursuing a degree in Human Services, is a co-leader for the People’s Group in the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force and has been accepted into the National Honors Society.

Amanda plans to continue her education with a focus on Psychology. Her dream is to use her experience and education to help those living in homelessness and struggling with mental health challenges. Amanda is working towards creating her own non-profit that uses some of the holistic approaches that helped her grow.

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