Ep 6: Celebrating Black Puyallup

/ / Ep 6: Celebrating Black Puyallup

JMarie Johnson-Kola

Founder & Chief Engagement Officer


(425) 903-0614


Diverse Community Connectors is an organization dedicated to inviting those at the margins of society to the center of the conversation.

In celebration of the City of Puyallup’s first-ever declaration of February as Black History Month, Diverse Community Connectors is inviting the community to share in a two-day celebration of Black History. Join us in this episode of The Corner as we discuss the long road traveled to form this momentous occasion in Puyallup, and what it means to come together as a community and as allies.

To learn more about Diverse Community Connectors or Puyallup’s 2022 Black History Month celebration, connect with JMarie and Valentine.

Posted on February 1, 2022