People & Providers Committee

The People & Providers Committee (or People’s Group) works to maintain the importance of the client voice within the service system

The relationship/experience between the service provider and the client is key to creating an easily navigated system. They recognize and address the gaps between the community and direct service organizations by taking an intentional, human-centered approach to responding to inequities.

By creating community advisory groups, clients are given a platform to express the difficulties of our current system, allowing us to better equip our service providers with the tools, training, and acknowledgment needed to improve the delivery of wrap-around services for all.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are the way we move our initiatives forward and connect with each other as a Task Force. Check below for our next meeting, and contact the Organizer for an invitation.

Client Service. Upholding the importance of quality of service within the delivery of wrap-around services.

Resource Navigation & Response. Creating a system that the community can easily navigate themselves and fully address their needs.

Relationships. Creating a relationship of trust between client and provider. Giving the client a platform to voice their concerns about the system.

Committee Initiatives

Learn more about the work we are doing as a committee.

Speakers Bureau

Offer speakers who have lived experience with homelessness and other challenges to PCCETF organizations and agencies for presentations to help staff better understand and serve their community. As it evolves, the speakers’ bureau may also offer speakers to public organizations and the speakers could serve as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives. Learn more about the Speakers Bureau here.

Pandemic Pods

Create a program that matches small groups of parents with other parents with similar aged children and work schedules to share childcare, expenses, and resources. Parents are invited to the program via a referral from other service providers and grouped by an associate using an online platform.

I-5 Thrive Careers

A Pierce & King cross-county initiative to promote programs that engage students in authentic and impactful career preparation activities. We work to grow and support knowledge, skills, and training, that are relevant, in-demand and help youth recognize their strengths and who they are.

The goals are 1) to help build awareness of Career opportunities among families and youth in communities of color and 2) to create access to opportunities that connect parents and their youth to different career pathways.

Committee Leadership

Organizational Structures Committee co-leads are also represented in the PCCETF Leadership committee. Select the dropdown next to each title to learn more about the role.

Spokesperson (The Voice)

Our spokesperson is the designated role for hosting our monthly group meetings, group leadership meetings, presenting monthly task force reports, and other situational moments where a host is needed. If the group decides to have rotating hosts, it is the Spokesperson’s responsibility to schedule the rotation and will be first back-up.

Amanda Walkingstick

Engaged Community Representative

Engagement Coordinator (The Welcome)

Our membership role manages the members within the group, our contact list, the assigned roles, and conducts new member onboarding and engagement. This role also tracks available roles for leadership and sub-working groups.

Yvette Wilson

Education Coordinator, FabLab Tacoma

Strategy & Data Analysis (The Mover)

Our strategy role manages and updates the mission-critical documents for the group (group descriptions & overview, mission/vision, and yearly outlook, data analysis). They also support our initiatives by creating and helping maintain action plans, timelines, and accountability. This role also helps with research as needed.

Open Role

Planning Coordinator (The Guide)

Our administrator role creates, manages, and distributes the monthly agendas for our task force report, group meeting, and leadership meeting. They also schedule and send invites for the monthly group meeting and leadership meeting.

Open Role

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